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Adriana Collins

CEO & Founder

Adriana is a native of Phoenix, AZ and is focused on changing the narrative for marginalized communities and assisting in helping others build generational wealth. Her life experiences had a huge influence on her growing up in the city of Phoenix and attending school in Tempe. Some of her early influences were her teachers who encouraged her to continue to leverage intellect and logic when making decisions. This inspired Adriana to be more of a strategic thinker and understand the importance of taking calculated risk. She faced challenges early in life but through resilience and courage she was able to make the necessary pivots and pursue her passions. In 2018 Adriana launched Block Investors where her long-term vision is to create a pillar within the community that will provide solutions, resources, and opportunities to help communities build sustainable futures.



Adriana’s mission in life is to be seen as a leader who able to bridge the gap between access and inequality within the communities she serves. She currently resides in Phoenix and spends her free time hiking, traveling, and sharing life lessons/advice with the youth.

Our Mission

Provide resources, opportunities, and development to marginalized communities to build collective wealth and freedom. 

Our Values


We will act with respect and engage with a focus on building trust & credibility. 


We will act in ways that align with our brand, values, and promotes the betterment of our community. We will do what we say we will and hold those who do not, accountable.


We are committed to empowering the communities we serve by providing resources, services, and financial assistance. 

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