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The Block Investors


African American Buying Power


This is a significant amount of money that could be flowing back through black communities annually. 

Black Business Growth


Black-owned businesses that do not have paid employees. This is a significant number and a great opportunity to assist these businesses in scaling is important.



Is brought in by Minority-Owned businesses and this number is projected to continue to grow over the years.



Of Black businesses are approved for business loans compared to 60% of loans applied for by white small-business owners.



Is the average equity investment Minority-owned businesses receive compared to $7,858 by non-minority-owned businesses.


The Block Investors

How we help entrepreneurs, investors, and our community

We launched Block Investors to assist in providing resources, development, and opportunities for people to build & sustain generational wealth. Our core belief is that wealth can be generated in non-traditional forms but most people are not aware of the many ways they can build wealth for themselves and their families. We are committed to changing the narrative and helping people achieve their financial goals

1. Voice of Our Heros

In 2021 we launched the Voice of Our Heros to raise $100M in capital to assist in building strong communities and providing capital to minority-owned businesses. 

2. Business Development

Access to capital and business development has continued to be a challenge for minority-owned businesses. We provide capital, consulting, and mentoring to Small Business owners

3. Real Estate

Home-ownership is a wealth-building strategy that has been used over the years. However, due to redlining, poorly structured loans, and predatory practices, this pathway was closed to many families. We provide support to individuals who desire to purchase a home or purchase an investment property. 

Coming soon

4. Community 

At Block Investors, we understand the importance of community building and empowerment. Through our nonprofit, Guided Institute, we provide support, resources, and opportunities to help communities thrive.  

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